Turbot British record nearly smashed

Out Turbot fishing last week on the banks from Weymouth and I wasn’t lucky enough to hit the big ones but heyho I am still dribbling over the large one I caught last year so any new catches are a bonus for me.

There was a lad on the boat who had traveled down from Manchester (5hrs driving) to fish on the Katie Ann out of Weymouth. Take into account he has fished for many years and never caught a flatty let alone specimen Turbot like he landed on that day.

Taken on large live Launce and smaller sand eels you can see the action on the video which luckily I had taken the camera with me to try and get some Turbot stock footage for projects and my blog of course so I can share it.

I get as much pleasure seeing others catch fish as well as I do when I get into them, so you will see this trip was very pleasurable for a couple of anglers and one other was a little pissed off as he has fished for many, many years and never caught a Turbot so all the Beeps on the video are to take out his frustrations as the catcher was stood next him too !! Great day good crew and some class fish plus the sun shone all day, you can’t ask for much better can you.

Just a week before our trip the British record was nearly broken with a 30lb plus Turbot taken on the same banks drifting with fish baits and live eels so Weymouth is producing some good catches and especially Paul Davies the skipper/owner of the Katie Ann.

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