Two hook Portland Plaice spreader rigs

DEAD … DECEASED… R.I.P…. is No More !!! my straight beaded two hook spreaders have been buried and won’t be resurected. Reason is the design is dependent on the beads being tight to locate the weight clip as central as possible so there is no natural movement of the beads to add the attraction to turn the Plaice on. My split level version overcomes this in the design being effectively two seperate booms with their own independant movement of the beads and discs if required so they can float naturally along the arm adding a more natural movement. The intricate wire bending locates the weight clip in it’s own right centrally and with the booms being shorter but the same width if that makes sense the rig is stiffer and with the heat shrink over the end windings is a lot more braid friendly. Been around for a couple of years now and have fished well so production of these with plenty of bead colour choices and with or without discs is well under way ready for hopefully a good Plaice season this year. Quick link to my Plaice rigs:

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