Uptide fishing at Ramsgate Kent on board the Skerry Belle

Well worth the trip to Ramsgate Kent to meet up and fish with some new buddies and first time out with skipper Roger Lennon aboard his boat On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat weather looked doubtful with rain quite early and my plan was to shoot video about the boat and what the area offers plus techniques for up and downtide fishing out of Ramsgate and get a spot of fishing in too. The day turned out to plan with the sun making an early appearance and rain apart from one shower not being any hinderance in filming. I have uptide fished before many years ago out of Swansea and Geordie John Barnes the very experienced skippers mate gave some 1st class advice and practical demo’s of how to do it Ramsgate style, you’re never too old to learn so my uptide rods will be dusted off for the next outing. Video will be on-line shortly and hopefully others may find the techniques filmed and what the boat and skipper offers useful and it will be on-line soon.

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