Vacuum packing your fish

The new pouches for vacuum packing fish for the table or bait are here and they’re pukka. Available in three sizes and can get other sizes to order (allow about 7/10 days for specials) the pouches conform to all the food packaging regualtions and are suitable for the external domestic style vacuum machines. If you have a cabinet style packer then mail me and can get you fixed up with a good deal on pouches suitable for them too.

They are for sale now so mail me for costs and and delivery and there will be a link up to buy them in the tackle store in a few days, PayPal accepted.

Stocked sizes are:
150×300 (small joey mackeral size x 2 in a bag)
200×300 (fish fillets and small plaice dabs etc).
160×450 (large mackeral size x 2 in a bag)

Minimum order 30 bags to unlimited just let me know your needs and here are some pictures to look at them in use. The video will be ready soon as I have edited on how to vac pack or see the one I added in previous post. Don’t forget these pouches are suitable for a variety of foods not just fish, I use them for sliced meats, nuts, veg, waterproofing items that are delicate and likely to get wet and damaged, there are plenty of uses for these bags and they can be washed and re-used.

160×450 size ready to accept two large mackerel ready to freeze down for the table

160x450 vacuum bag size will take two fish

150×300 size will take two small joey mackerel size bait fish

Two fish ready to vac pack

Two sizes of Mackerel vacuum packed one bait the small joey size and one for the table

Two sizes of mackerel packaged

 200×300 size suitable for fish fillets portioned sizes ready to cook and eatSuitable size vacuum pouch for fish fillets

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