Weymouth Cod fishing out on the mid channel wrecks

What an amazing day, good weather, great crew and tremendous fishing fast and furious after a slow and frustrating start. Early departure which meant we arrived on the first mark a tad too early as the tide was dwindling and it wouldn’t pick up again until around 10-30 so apart from half a dozen nice size Cod taken little action was accouring much to the frustration of the skipper. We gave it best and a move to another wreck was actioned. On arrival first drop we were all into fish, nice prime Cod and couple of respectable size Pollock and that continued until the tide started to die away again and the pouting made a nuisance of themselves and catching them screwed up the drift for many of us. But by now we all had enough fish for the freezers and we headed home at approx 1400hrs and as the skippers attitude is don’t rape the wrecks only take what you need so the wreck can fish another day and we all agreed to that. Softatil Flexishads did the business and others tried especially UV Orange Turbo Fish large I hooked into some nice Cod and also induced and dropped a good number of half decent takes. So another Result and Weymouth Rocks Again !! Not taken loads of happy snaps but I managed a couple with the help of The Rickster (aka I’m not David Bailey) nice one Bud !

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