Wreck fishing for Pollock Trip 2 of 2015 Weymouth

Wrecking trip no.2 of 2015 and it was text book stuffers !! Wall to wall sunshine, great skipper and crew plus some superb fishing on the Pollock. From the sunrise leaving Weymouth sea state lumpy with swell from previous weather conditions but managable with light but chilly winds en route to the first mid channel wreck to try. As we arrived at the wreck the deeper water the swell had eased so drifting was comfortable and we were into fish straight away so all looking good. Everyone had fish on a variety of lures and colours, top lures for me were my Turbo Eels 6″ blue white and pearl white with 4″ turbo tails in black yellow and black pink. I fished the lures on 6/0 33g Turbo eel heads when the tide was running and as it eased dropped down to 4/0 13g heads both on Portland rigs so my rig losses were minimal. Fishing died when the tide fell away on the wreck but we all had fish to take home and it was time to head back and gut the fish, kindly done by the skipper what a full service !!! Arrival back at Weymouth and treated to a brilliant sunset and finally can’t leave Weymouth without a fish and chip supper ! Oh and I have to endure it all again on the 20th February testing new lures and rigs of course !!!!

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