Wrecking and reef drifting sea boom issues

Sea fishing over wrecks using steel boomsI had an interesting conversation with a well known and very experienced Weymouth charter boat skipper on his views on the use of steel sea booms with a boat full of anglers.

This discussion was prompted as I sent samples of my booms to him for his views which I will say were favourable, but ! he does have reservations about steel sea booms and the image highlights what his thoughts where on them. Taking into account most boat anglers use fine strong braid lines when out wrecking and drifting the reef or sand banks, then the examples shown highlight how easy these braid lines and fine mono lines can get trapped in the booms and cause horrendous tangles much to the annoyance of everyone who may not be using steel booms.

I favour steel booms obviously as I manufacture them and having what I consider a totally braid/mono friendly pattern and have proven them out on the boats so I know they don’t cause problems for other anglers near me. I like steel booms also as they have less drag over ABS booms and similar patterns, plus they form a direct link in the rig setup. If you look at the ABS style booms the angle bend used creates effectively a kink in the leader.

So if you are on a boat on your own then you use any boom you have but if you’re on a boat with nine others then best to use my booms don’t you think !!! and of course I am going to agree to that statement BUT!! why not buy just one and put it to the test and see for yourself.

Video on the booms in action coming soon.

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