Wrecking in the English channel

Well have I been a busy boy just no time to update my blog on the regular basis as normal but wait until you see what’s coming as the camera has been rolling and lots of interesting fishing trips and tackle video’s going live.

Take this trip what a magnificent day this was and the crew were just magic with lots of action and good banter, don’t you just love a joker that can take the piss !! well we had all of that and more on the boat that day plus some great fish too.

There were lads from London who had travelled down the night before so they could have a few beers and carry that on during the day, mind you they needed some Dutch Courage to even get on the boat with the bag they had carried their beers in !

I had fished with them last year and we were into the cod me and Andy my son and they didn’t catch anything but that changed on this trip and everyone went home with some quality sized Pollock.

Add in the weather was superb loads of sunshine, light winds and it was still only early in the year in March so this video will show you what we all enjoyed.

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