Wrecking rig tangles update

I didn’t have time to finish this post completely yesterday so let’s put this one to bed now. Here are a couple of images of the resolve to using the interlock swivel and the lumi tubes.
Again to clarify the lumi tubes don’t go onto the main line they are fitted on the trace just above the lure connection and I don’t mention the use or promote the use of the open style trace clips.

If you’re concerned about tangles with fellow anglers braid main line then this will prevent them if it is an issue. In the Image you will see the lumi tube kit comes with spare silicone sleeves and the larger size is ideal to slip over the interlock swivels two clip ends and just slide back when you want to open the clip.

The lumi tube itself just add another sleeve and each end is then closed off to prevent any chance of braid or mono sliding down between the tube and the trace. A simple solution at no cost to what I personally don’t consider to be an issue.

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