Wrecking trip early November 2011

I have a wrecking trip planned for early November and one middle of the month and possibly one towards the end of the month so the Cod and Pollack had better look out. We will be fishing mid channel and with pirks 14/16 ounce plus our bighead and bullet head jigs.

Obviously with any wreck trip you need to prepare yourself for tackle losses subject to the states of the wreck so along with our sales stocks I am gearing up this month with a bucket full of styles and sizes plus the raging rattling shads will be getting a bashing too

The Nordic pirk works well in the way it drops on a jig so they will be setup with 6/0 trebles with 8/0 and 10/0 on hand if there are large cod about. I will also be using our
Lumi tubes on the lower trace. My simple wrecking rig will allow for additional weights to be added at the snap link above the trace. Our Nordics are only 14oz so if the tide is heavy or wind against tide causes issues with the jigs I can at least try and balance the drop.I will also have our Scaly Fish pirks as they are in two sizes so that will help if tide is heavy

If the pirks are streaming away from a vertical drop because of tide I will change to the Bighead jig with a muppet and 6/0 treble with the lumi tube on the trebles shank inside the muppet. Our bighead jig is available in various sizes but again I can add more weight at the snaplink.

If the pirks and jigs aren’t connecting then the raging rattling shads will go on again with a lumi tube on the nose of the shad and if just pollock the worms will come out as I carry a box of mixed pre-hooked worms so they can be swapped very quickly.

Rods I am going to use my¬† new Xtra Flexx boat as it performed well on the last bass trip so going to see if I can break it when wrecking, plus it’s versatile enough if we end up coming inshore to drift the banks if the weather turns or the wrecks just aren’t playing.

Reel the Vantage 300 with 35lb braid will be back on the rod again it’s a new reel and it’s being tested in a variety of fishing conditions. It handled the large bass last time out so should deal with decent size cod and pollack.

I always take spare rods and reels loaded ready to fish so if I do have any issues with any new gear there is standby kit. Weather should be seasonal so I expect it to be cold fortunately I have a full flotation suit jacket and trousers and the boots are designed¬†for trekking in the snow so thermal and with great grips. I always work on the basis that you can always take kit off but if it’s not there you can’t put it on and there is nothing worse than being cold and wet on a bouncing boat.

I fish all the year round and enjoy winter fishing as much as the summer and winter cod, whiting and pollack always look good in my freezer and taste good on the table, so as long as the winds stay low I’m fishing. Not sure if I will get out this month as it’s a busy time at the moment so unfortunately fishing trips have to take a back seat.

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