Fly fishing virgins

With the amount of boat fishing trips we lose each year through bad weather and with the fact that myself and Andy my son have both taken days off from our business’s then we had to find something to satisfy our lust for catching fish.

Andy came up with the perfect birthday present a few years back and that was a days Fly Fishing instruction with a pro. Since that day we where both Hooked excuse the pun and when we get a blow out as we call it then fly fishing is on the cards.

We live in the Cotswolds so there are plenty of lakes all stocked with good size rainbow and brown trout and from our first time out we caught fish and that was it as they are such good sport. Fishing from the banks took some getting used to but when I saw a guy out fishing in a float tube we both decide to get one each and haven’t looked back since !!

That very first trout caught by Andy a few days after our tuition, that first one will always feel good.

Rainbow trout on the fly

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