The 1973 Record breaker Eddystone Eel

This is the daddy of them all the artificial lure that has taken 5 British record fish, Cod, Pollock, Bass, Coalfish and now in February this year 2012 a 7lb 6oz Whiting fell to an orange Eddystone eel.

It also holds a claim to fame taking 10 line class caught world records. The eel comes in a range of sizes and colours with the size 3 190mm being the eel that is the record breaker. See just how realistic this eel is and it’s loaded with super sharp hooks to get you firmly attached to the fish you’re after. The colours we currently stock are the two most popular and high catching designs, red and black being tops for Cod and Pollock and the blue white mackerel tops for Bass.

Play the video at full screen HD to catch all the detail and quality of these eels, we have also shown how best to set up your trace for the beginners.

Eddystone Eels 1973 range


Product Description: The 1973 original Eddystone Eel range, colours we stock are as shown. 70mm eels are supplied with size 4 hooks and tied using 30lb super strong ultra abrasive resistant mono using the half blood knot tucked for added security, The trace is approx 2.5m and terminates with a double surgeons loop, they’re individually packaged in resealable waterproof bags. 155mm Eels fitted with 4/0 hooks and 30lb mono, the 190mm eels use 6/0 hooks and 45lb mono.

Bespoke lure tying options, if you want to mail us with your specifications for the finished eels then let us know the trace breaking strain, length of trace, change of hook sizes. We don’t recommend anything larger than the 8/0 for the 190mm eels. In most cases no extra costs but minimum order is 5 eels and they can be mixed, we are happy to quote for you and allow a couple of days extra for shipping.

Images Gallery: The images are taken from the video which will be on line soon.
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