Muppet stingers ready to fish out of the bag.


Product Description: Quality 6″ muppets with a choice of colours, hook size options and various breaking strains of the strong ultra abrasive resistant mono used to tie the traces. The standard muppet stingers are supplied with the gold muppet and you can by request MAIL US choose from the other two colours. You can also use our bespoke service and specify what length and breaking strain mono trace you would like so they’re set up to suit how you like to fish. The standard options are a 2 metre approx super strong ultra abrasive resistant mono and the knots are the halfblood knot with double tuck for the hook end and it terminates with a double surgeons loop for easy attachment to your main rig. 4/0 size is 45lb b.s., 6/0 size is 55lb b.s., 8/0 is 80lb b.s. and the largest is the 10/0 which is 100lb b.s. All muppets are supplied separately in resealable waterproof bags. The 5 packs can be all one colour or mixed for the hook size chosen MAIL US your choices.

Bespoke Options: You can at no extra cost choose the trace length up to 3 metres and b.s of the mono. We can also quote for muppet stingers with breaking strains over 100lb were stronger crimped knots can be applied MAIL US your requirements and we will do our best to assist you in finding the muppets stingers best combinations for your fishing.

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