Sea Fishing Booms ABS new sizes added


I have just updated my ebay store with the new sizes of ready to fish out of the bag ABS plastic anti tangle sea booms. The key features of the designs are on the page and the main one worth pointing out is the weight clip and swivel is not only crimped to the tube at the bend but I also bond it to stop slide and twist.

The advantages of these booms are the quick turn around if you snap off on a wreck or reef drift, take them straight out of the bag, tie to main line, add new lure and weight and you don’t miss the next drift. How Easy Is That !!!!

Specifications are on the sales page and I can do custom leaders to whatever B.S. you want plus up or down rate the swivels. I don’t offer longer projections other than the 12″ as from tests carried out the tube despite thicker than most still gets too whippy and bends upwards on the drop so not really any more benefit. I do have longer stainless booms on the way up to 16″/40cm 2mm dia heavy duty design due in April 2013.

BTW if you want to buy direct and get a discount MAIL ME:
Payment can be made via PayPal. You can buy just 1 boom as a tryout or in packs of 5.

Click to enlarge for more info: