Sea fishing lures new designs added

New design now into production and available in the store, good results on the Cod with these see images and video’s showing them in use. Two drops two nice plump Cod on last trip out so take a look all the top catching colours on UK boats and you can request your own colours or hook sizes up to 8/0, but there is a minimum of six lures needed to be ordered of same size hooks and colours. Contact me for advice before ordering.

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Union Jack lures plus many other colours available

What better way to launch a new range of British Lures than in the union colours. Busy week with new tooling, new formula silicone with 10% more flexibility built in but same tear strength of Shore 15, plus three colour injection. I did these as a bit of fun and to play with my new toys so now got to get this colour range in the briny to see if the Bass, Cod and Pollock are as patriotic !!

Thanks to Chris Caines skipper of Tiger Lily plus Aaron and the two crews COGS and Ian’s lads who took part in early trials that proved the way forward for the new tooling and patterns. Full colour range up soon.

32lb Norway Cod taken on one of my new Eco Lures

Not only do I tell you my new lures Will Catch You Fish I can back this up with the many videos that are being shot, so you can see them in action and that the images or video are true and not just posed with a lure hung from the fishes mouth !!!

4 lads took a range of my lures to Norway and had a day on the Cod with many taken uing various patterns of my new designs plus they tried my fishy lure rubs which gave them the edge on the fish too.

Video was shot on the GoPro cam so sound is muffled and a bit distorted but still very watchable.

New HD Movie Bass, Cod, Pollock and Conger Eels

Finally got afloat last wednesday and what a glorious day it was both weather, crew, boat and skipper of the Tiger Lily. Do my New Lures and booms WORK well not only do I say yes they DO !! and now I can show you they certainly DO CATCH FISH infact I can shout about it. The crew absolutely loved the lures and booms and they outfished live sandeels too so you can’t get better than that.

Sit back get some popcorn and enjoy what I consider a perfect days wreck fishing.

Wreck fishing for Cod, Bass and Pollock

Eventually got out wrecking yesterday and took loads of lures from my new range for the crews to test, catch fish and comment on. Here are two examples that were well hammered by Bass, Cod and Pollock and there are plenty of teethmarks there are no tears confirming just how tough the silicone rubbers used really are. More on this trip when I have edited the HDvideo showing the lures and seabooms in action.

Skipper of Tiger Lily Weymouth has commented on the lures here is what he says:

Chris wrote: “Got to say that these lures produced by worked brilliantly yesterday…they matched live eels and as Alan has said they caught all species available. they are a credit to Alan Yates who I know has worked very hard in getting them into production. Just shows what you can do in a cottage industry if you are committed enough…Well done Alan.”

Sea Fishing soft lures in bulk packs to save on shipping costs

New section at WWW.SEABOOMS.COM featuring a range of my lures in bulk packs and I have even added some Free jig heads to start you off. These have been put together to help reduce the ever increasing shipping costs being imposed upon us, take a look and I will be adding lots more so bookmark the pages or add to your favourites.

Sea angling Tips & Tricks section and advice for newbies

Tips & trcicks advice for boat fishing anglersI am adding some tips & tricks easy to follow images to the store so I can pass on any info on how I do various tackle tasks.

The first one is how to use our lures and the example shows the 6″ ultimate jelly worms but this will also work for any lure including shads to stop the sticking of the lure on hook shafts when threading them on. I have added this image to the Ultimate worms section here ULTIMATE WORMS PAGE many more to follow.

Next new sea fishing lure about to go on sale

The next new Non PVC lures is nearly ready to go on sale I just have to tweak the moulds and it’s good to go. The design has been created to give and ultra flexible body and great action in the slowest of tides.

Available in three sizes with the large and medium available with the jighead and hook bonded with the body. The smallest size is available body only and my jigheads will suit them in the smaller sizes. All three are also available as body only, hook sizes for the bonded lures can be from 3/0 to 6/0 with 4/0 as the standard size on large and 3/0 on the medium lures.

Bonded in jigheads can be re-used as the body gets mullered, there is a wire frame on the hook shaft internals to reinforce the bond to the body, so all you need to do is remove the wire to re-use or add a replacement body.

Standard colours as shown in the image which have been selected as these are the top catching colours out on the boats. Custom made lures we can do that which is to provide lures to your required hook size, jig weight and a specific colour. Note 6 lures are minimum order for custom making, colours are fast not sprayed so they remain vibrant throughout it’s life..


New moulds offering custom made sea fishing lures

Custom made sea fishing lures for Cod, Pollock, Coalfish, Bass at www.seabooms.comNew mould designs and techniques now allow for custom made lures setup to your own requirements. See the image for descriptions, most of our new designs are now adjustable and available in all my standard colours plus can look at your own ideas.

Colours two tone or solid one colour are all moulded I don’t offer spray finishes as they don’t stay fast and soon rub off on many lures. I can offer flakes and glitters in a range of colours too incl transparents with added glitters/flakes.

Why Jig heads ?? simples, bodies get chewed and in some cases bitten in half by sharp Cod teeth for example. My jig heads can be re-used and you simply remove the wire frame that the lures are moulded round and add a new body, yes you can buy just the bodies too.

So all in all the Ultimate package and they catch fish so what more can you ask for !!! Mail me to discuss custom made lures there are minimum orders for custom made of 6 as that is one pass in the moulds so not asking too much there either.

See my other posts on the Non PVC skin safe silicone rubbers I use as it will give details about the benefits.

Eco lures update of latest sea and freshwater lures

Sea and freshwater eco lures non PVCLatest in the growing range of my Eco Lures Non PVC some are already available to purchase and all the latest ones are about to go live very soon.

This package is going to Norway with a group of dedicated anglers to give them a beasting on the big Cod, Coalfish and possibly Halibut so I will have a full report on how they performed towards the end of June. I did get out latter part of April to try out some of these and yes they do catch the annoying Pouting and in good sizes plus a few Pollock, fishing was hard with all lures so not really a fair test.

More boat trips are in the pipeline so as I have more lures ready and there are more being processed ready to be put into production they will get well tested by the crews and myself of course.