Vacuum packing pouches


Product Description: Heavy duty re-usable vacuum pouches selected size to suit the serious angler that enjoys eating their catch and wants to keep the fish as fresh and last as long as possible. Our pouches are great too for keeping your winter baits fresh, catch your mackerel, herrings, squid and vac pack them ready for your winter fishing just this alone will more than cover the vacuum packing costs. NOTE THESE BAGS ARE EMBOSSED and suitable for the very popular domestic vacuum machines of the type seen in the video. Cheaper bags on most occasions are only of use if you have a large commercial style vacuum machine.

Product Video Here:

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Vacuum pouches for your fish freezer

This style of machine is one I have used for about two years now and packed hundreds of fish and meat joints for the freezer and as my article explained recently keeping mackerel for winter baits and eating of course in the freezer, vacuum packing keeps them really fresh. I have found a video of the machine and as you will see it’s a doddle to use.

Our pouches are available HERE

Don’t forget our pouches are heavy duty embossed type and they can be re-used over and over again, Just turn the bag inside out to clean it and when dry turn it back again ready to re-use.

This promo video shows the top end machine with provisions for the roll type pouch maker. What I recommend is you buy the version of the machine without the roll store, cutters etc and they’re half the price, plus pouches work out cheaper and less hassle. That advice is backed by experience of using these machines regularly.