Log Fires On DVD


What my customers say in feedback on my realistic log burning virtual fires on DVD this and many other un-solicited feedbacks on my ebay store.


I had to add this feedback it’s Classic !!
“gunna make sweet love to my wife whilst this is playing (gidigey)”

makes selling all the more worthwhile when you get happy customers !!!


Virtual log burning fires on DVD now available


We have just launched our series of virtual realistic log burning fires on DVD. You have three disc options or you can go for the reduced cost 3 disc pack. Nothing better when you have been fishing in the cold all day or night than to come home to a roaring or romantic log burning fire. Well now you can and all you have to do is pop the DVD into your player or PC and voila instant fire with no running costs, or having to heap wood in to burn it and then have all the fuss of ash to clean up.

Turn your widescreen TV into a virtual fireplace, we even have customers who have bought the DVD, thought it so realistic they went out and purchased another flat screen TV just to run the fire DVD where the fireplace would be so they have flames running all night while they watch TV, how good is that.

So here are the options and all the DVD’s are fully authored with chapter so you can set your machine to chapter/repeat and just let it play all night until you turn it off, you don’t even need to use your remote, just too much effort !!!

The Virtual Roaring Log Fire Run Time approx 85 minutes:
The fire burns as a roaring fire would with lots of flames, crackling wood and sparks plus the roar into the chimney. The fire doesn’t burn down and flames remain constant. The images are taken from the video so you can see the quality and you can view the flash video trailer.

VIEW VIDEO TRAILER HERE. … NOTE: All images are taken from the video timeline and are a true reflection of the quality of production and effect.

The Romantic fire is a slow lazy moody flame and deep glowing fire that just ticks away without burning down Duration is approx 85 minutes.

The Cozy Fire runs through the burn cycle from roaring to medium flame down to the embers and then by magic the flames re-kindle themselves and the cycle starts again, Duration is approx 83 minutes.

The virtual log burning fires 3 DVD package, save on cost and have all the options to suit your mood and the weather outside. Supplied in slim strong clear shell cases to protect the DVDs and give years of use.

All our DVDs are in-house productions and are exclusive to us, there are No Resale or distribution rights offered or implied. These programmes are fully authored in the Pal 16:9 widescreen format, 0 Region. The movies carry our copyright watermark which periodically appears and remains on-screen for approx 8 secs and then dissolves. Copyright Infringement is theft and a criminal act and we will uphold the protection of our Intellectual Property to the fullest extent of the law in the UK and in the World. See what happens to Pirates in the current cases.