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DEEPSEA.CO.UK new site and layout now live pop over and take a look as it grows you have now a wealth of experienced skippers at a variety of ports to put you on the fish, google maps and satellite plus links to social networking sites to keep you up to date reports and skippers diaries to plan your trips.

Tiger Lily On The Cod.

Had a great day on May 23rd with Chris Caines on the Tiger Lily and a crew of lads for the Woolston SAC from Southampton fishing wrecks out of Weymouth and on the Cod from virtually the first drift. Fish of the day weighed in at 23lbs and others up near 20lbs were taken with many fish over 10lbs so all the crew did very well. I also got to test loads of new lures and get them shot on video so you will be seeing them very soon too.

Here is the video, play it full screen 1080p quality sit back and enjoy what Cod fishing on a beautiful day with a great crew on a good boat and you can book your days out by contacting Chris here.

Tel: 01305 821177, mobile: 07976 766169, email:


Tiger Lily out of Weymouth Pollock and Plaice Trip

Let the movie do the talking and provide you details on what can only be described as a text book days fishing on a great boat, with an experienced pleasant skipper, great crew and cracking fish too !

Also check out run by Chris Caines and co for everything to do with fishing, diving and more

Contact Chris Caines here:

Tel: 01305 821177, mobile: 07976 766169, email:


Weymouth wreck trip for large Pollock

February 2012 and the coldest day of the year but who cares when you can catch fish like these and test out loads of tackle at the same time. See the reports on the About Fishing pages for more written details.


Winter Codding on The Rocket out of Poole Dorset

December 2011 and the weather is superb after many days lost due to high winds so the chance to get afloat on The Rocket out of Poole in Dorset was welcomed. The video promo shot for the boat says it all and if you want a good days fishing on a fast comfortable boat then Trevor Small skipper/owner will cater for all your needs. Enjoy the video play it full screen at 1080p and catch all the action in HD.

Contact Trevor Small here:

Tel: 01202 887101, mobile: 07802 231196, email:


The Weymouth Bassing trip 2011

Well it doesn’t get much better than this, it was a beautiful day, there was a mixed crew of Welsh, Scottish and English all great keen anglers so the day looked good to go. Paul Davies the skipper/owner of the Katie Ann was all geared to give us an action packed day and already had live sand eels in the barrell waiting for the hungry Bass.

Sea was slight to calm and the sun was rising to be one of warmest days of the year. We steamed off to the Portland races area and started the first drift, cod on one rod and a good bass on another and the camera was rolling.

As the day progressed what was a bassing day turned into a species day. We had a good quantity of bass on the boat and smaller ones were returned to fight another day, there was cod some good sized, bream, red gurnard, brill and plaice. Apart from a few quiet times we all had fish during the day so it just doesn’t come much better than this and as you will see or to qoute the skipper ” I can’t multi task that is land fish and make tea and coffee” we just kept him too busy.

Play the video at full screen 720p HD


The Rapid Fisher Trip Out Of Poole Quay 2011

I have started this page so our boat fishing trips don’t get buried in all our other posts. This trip was on board the Rapid Fisher a new cat out of Poole Quay and the skipper owner Paul Smith is a very dedicated skipper and have enjoyed a few trips out on this terrific boat. More trips up soon providing the weather doesn’t keep wrecking them.

Play the video at full screen 1080p if your screen will cope with that size movie if not choose one of the lower quality movies still good to watch. The movie shows the day well so if you want a good day out try Poole and the Rapid Fisher.


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This web site is one of the leading regularly updated places to find what is going on amongst the fishing fraternity in the UK. There are plenty of images, videos and links to registered skippers plus updates of what areas are fishing well.



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