Salsa Baked Bass

Easy dish to do:

Bass: I use filletted and boned you can use steaks off the bone if you wish.

Fry up some sliced courgettes and mushrooms in cold pressed rape seed oil or whatever oil you prefer. Do this just enough to soften them approx 5 minutes.

Lay into baking dish courgettes first then mushrooms, fillets of fish side by side. Use Mild Salsa sauce (use hot version if you like extra bite) and pour over the fillets.

Crush Doritos plain or you can use crisps with equal portion of grated cheese again what flavour suits you I like mature cheddar.

Into hot oven 200/220 C/Gas mark 6 (180 for fan oven) for 20/25minutes depending on how thick the fish is. Best to check and see if the fish flakes easily before serving if still tight put back into oven for another 5 minutes. Tip, to stop the topping burning place foil over dish after 15 minutes but leave gap on one edge to let the steam out.

See here served with new potatoes and garden peas with juices over peas. You can use any white fish with this dish i.e. pollock, cod, or whiting, turbot, etc etc.

Here are some pictures to assists you……ENJOY !!
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Corgettes and mushrooms

 Place the fish in side by side

Bass filletsPour over the Salsa and evenly coverSalsa on Bass
  Sprinkle the crushed Dorito and grated cheese topping onto salsa

Salsa bass ready for the oven 200/220 for 20/25 minutes then check it.Ready to serve

Ready to serveServed with new potatoes and garden peas or use what you like to enjoy with your fish.

The finished dis ready to eat and enjoy____________________________________________________________________


Fillet the mackerel first, if you’re not sure how to do that go to the How To Fish page and see the movie on filleting mackerel. It is shown for filleting mackerel for bait but the principals are the same, just make sure you cut off the tail part which the video says to keep on as it’s tough skin and won’t taste nice.

So you have your fillets, wash them well and dry with kitchen roll or clean towel. Place them on a plate with kitchen roll under them and brush them with sweet or dry sherry, season with salt and pepper and place in the fridge for a few hours. You can add other herbs and spices if you want to, personally I like the flavour of the fish to be the main taste.

Prepare some home made chunky and fine breadcrumbs, I use a stale white loaf and dry it to a crisp in the oven and then blitz them in a small blender. Get a plate and put some plain flower on it enough to cover the fillets how many you have to cook.

Take 1 egg and some milk and make an egg wash in a shallow bowl. Turn on your deep fat fryer and set to 165degC I like to use sunflower oil to cook with. Take your fillets and douse them in the flour, into the egg wash and then roll them in your bread crumbs. If you want them extremely crispy then pass them through the egg wash and back through the crumbs again double dipping them.

They’re now ready to go into the fryer for 6-8 minutes, when crispy brown shake them and place onto kitchen roll to soak up the last of any oil. Serve them with a nice fresh salad, sprinkle with pickled onion vinegar and some tartare sauce or however you like your fish.

Pictures and video to follow …. Enjoy and don’t waste your mackerel in future !


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