Product Video’s

This page and the various category pages we are posting links to our product video’s, items of tackle and equipment that we have tested and used on our many boat and beach fishing trips. To make it easy we have indicated the Category you will find the product in i.e. Rods go in Rods can’t be much easier than that, just hover your mouse over the link above and from the drop down select the product reviews to watch..

Hopefully the video’s will show you all about the product and its key features so you are left in no doubt as to what you’re buying and they take the risk out of on line shopping but don’t forget if you still have questions just mail us and ask away we will help you best we can. All the video’s will play full screen 720p HD try them.

Products with no shopping links to their categories they will be available soon as the new shopping cart updates so please be patient. If you want more details Ask Us.

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