Here you will be able to review the items of tackle we supply from our out of the bag ready to fish range. Since we introduced these items they have proved very popular and our regular customers, who many have their own specifications and take advantage of our bespoke service come back time after time, as overal their costs are reduced by only buying what they need to.

The other bonus is they carry less tackle and even more important and probably the primary reason for having tackle ready to fish out of the bag is you can rig up with the minimum amount of fuss and never lose valuable fishing time as tackle out of the water does not catch fish !


Light Sticks Also Known As Lumi Tubes

On a recent trip the light sticks where in use for catching cod using large hooks and pennel rigs. The light sticks where attached to the hook shafts and three fish were taken one after the other, a conger, a bull huss and an 18lb plus cod. Go to the Charter Boats links and see the video for The Rocket and you will see the fish and how the light sticks worked. Here is the product video to also decide to start using them if you don’t already.


Interlocking swivels

Using the interlocking swivels and how to tie the half blood not with tuck to attach it to your fishing rigs. This knot is also well known under the name of “The Clinch Knot”



Metal Booms For Sea Fishing

Strong well made metal booms with weight clip, swivels and attractor beads all in one.



Wobble tail lures

Designed by us as attractors on our pirks taking the usual bit of red plastic or fluff to a whole new level and adding those vibes that attract the fish in those
deep water wrecks. Add a lumi tube and let there be light and now you have two attractors working in your favour.



Hook traces for conger, ling or ray fishing

A range of ready made large strong hook traces and sliding ledger rigs for big fish such as conger, ling or rays. Ideal when fishing the banks, reefs or wrecks and you need tackle out of the bag and ready to fish in minutes

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