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Swivels with interlocks.

The interlock swivels explained and what is the best knot to use when attaching them to traces, I use the half blood knot tucked for all swivel or hook attachments and it works well. Nothing worse than the knot fails when you are into a good fish, you will soon tell it failed when you bring it up and you see that curly bit of trace that should still have the hook attached.

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How to use a Lumi Tube

 Right you’re out on a boat with 10 others and you want your bait found by the fish before the bloke next door gets into them, so how you going to do that ? Well at 200ft down there isn’t much light so baits will tend be found by vibrations and how they’re worked if using lures or softbaits, pirks etc.

So why not light up your bait with a lumi tube they’re cheap and they last giving a nice glow either inside a muppet, on your hook or situated on your trace. Watch this video and it will give you some ideas. We have PROOF that these really are killer kit for Conger, Cod, Bull Huss I know this statement is worthless without pictures. Better still go and watch the Cod Fishing On The Rocket video in Charter Boats and you will see the proof. Lightsticks / Lumi tubes set onto the hook shafts of the first three fish caught.

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Using treble hooks and split rings.

Treble hooks are used in many applications from pirks, larger softbaits, muppets, livebaits, jigs and on most occassions they are attached using strong split rings. How many times have I seen people trying to open split rings with their nails or trying to force them to split to allow attachment. Play this video and all will be revealed how a cheap pair of split ring pliers can make the job just so easy.

Play the movie at full screen 720p HD and get the full details and see what you will actually be buying if it suits what you want.



Making a sliding ledger rig

This is the sea fishing standard ledger rig for many applications of catching sea fish and this movie will take you through how to set one up quickly and easily. You can buy the parts at the store or you can just buy them ready to fish out of the bag.



How to fillet Mackerel For Bait

This is my take on filleting mackerel and how to bait the hook for a wide range of fish. The movie discusses one of our filleting knives available in the store and how to keep it sharp so you get good clean fillets without any waste.

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