Light Sticks Lumi Glow Traces


Product Description: Pack of 5 light sticks with two sizes of attachment sleeves and 1 trace. Traces are two size options 35lb b.s. with a size two interlock swivel and other end terminates with a double surgeons loop. Option two is the stronger trace 45lb b.s. and a size 1/0 interlock swivel. Traces are approx 1.5m and are available separate without the light sticks and holders. This brand of lightstick has average strong glow of approx 4 hours dropping to dull over 8 hours.

Product Video Here:

Tackle Tip: Bend the tube to break the lightstick mix and then shake end to end not side to side you will get a better mix, longer lasting light and brighter. I also turn it round and shake again.

Bespoke Service: Order traces to your specification mail us with your requirements.

Images Gallery: The images are taken from the promo video. Click on thumb to enlarge, when enlarged click on image to go to next one, use the arrow links to go back to previous images, Click away to close or use Esc key.

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