Red Gill Evolution Weighted Bassing Selection


Product Description: Red Gill Evolution (Weighted) Lures

Red Gill Evolution lures are the next generation of the classic, original sandeel imitation bait. Features include a special new soft but tough plastic compound that not only gives the lure its unique fish catching action but prevents the lure from falling apart after only a couple of captures, prolonging the lures life. The extra strong, super sharp internally weighted hook not only increases the lures fish catching action but allows the lure to be worked closer to the sea bed with less chance of the lure snagging up. Selected 5 pack of eels that are regular colours and size to capture quality Bass.

The trace is approx 2.5m and terminates with a double surgeons loop, they’re individually packaged in resealable waterproof bags, the 178mm eels use 6/0 hooks and 45lb mono.

Bespoke lure tying options, if you want to mail us with your specifications for the finished eels then let us know the trace breaking strain, length of trace. In most cases no extra costs but minimum order is 1 pack of 5 eels, we are happy to quote for you and allow a couple of days extra for shipping. The Evolution eels have moulded in hooks so it’s the traces only that can be adjusted.

Images Gallery: The images are taken from the video which will be on line soon. Click on thumb to enlarge, when enlarged click on image to go to next one, use the arrow links to go back to previous images, Click away to close or use Esc key.

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