A new series of Sea Booms added for 2013


My new sea booms are detailed here with images to show off the specifications and there is a link to the Ebay store were they can be purchased, The heavy and super heavyweight versions will be here end of January 2013, initial samples the quality is top of the range.

Light and the medium weight 1mm and 1.2mm sizes we make here so have complete flexibility and can offer a full bespoke service if our standard sizes don’t fit in with your requirements.

The concept is not new I have just made the booms more braid and mono friendly and have attached all the required swivels and weight clips so setup is very quick which is what you need when drifting wrecks or reefs. Quality of materials are best we can get and the heat shrink coverings close off the loose ends where the stainless steel is wound to form the eyes.

Some sceptics may say the uncovered winding at the right angle junction could trap braid but once you see how tight that winding is the chances of it doing so is very slim. But !!! if it is a concern we can offer coating this winding with plastcoate to cover it if needs be.

I have fully tested all the sizes and the first lightweight version was part of the rig used when I took a 19lb Pollock out on the rips from Poole Dorset. A Cod trip out of Weymouth the medium weight 6″ version was part of the rig and counted for a good few nice size Cod so I know they work well.

Biggest advantage to me is the booms are all self contained so you don’t have to spend time finding all the parts to re-rig when you snap off on the wrecks or rough ground and obviously you’re back up and running quickly without losing those important fish producing drifts. Oh and the skippers will love you too if it means you carry less gear onto what can get very crowded and dangerous decks !!

I like to have a bucket of weights, bags of booms already rigged with rubbing leader and an assortment of lures at my feet on the rail and never miss a drift. Lightweight booms work really well for the micro lures and drifting for Plaice, Turbot etc as you can have a two hook rig with one on the sea boom and the weight and a second trace higher up so the two are offset.

Another advantage over plastic tube booms my stainless steel ones are stiffer and don’t break so readily as the ABS tube type plus bite detection is so positive as you have direct link between the rubbing leader and the lure / bait traces. There will be plenty of video shot this year of these and my new Eco Lures in action and here is a link to my you tube channel showing Cod taken on a short trace with one of my jig head shads and a short medium weight sea boom.


Images click to enlarge:

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