New moulds offering custom made sea fishing lures

Custom made sea fishing lures for Cod, Pollock, Coalfish, Bass at www.seabooms.comNew mould designs and techniques now allow for custom made lures setup to your own requirements. See the image for descriptions, most of our new designs are now adjustable and available in all my standard colours plus can look at your own ideas.

Colours two tone or solid one colour are all moulded I don’t offer spray finishes as they don’t stay fast and soon rub off on many lures. I can offer flakes and glitters in a range of colours too incl transparents with added glitters/flakes.

Why Jig heads ?? simples, bodies get chewed and in some cases bitten in half by sharp Cod teeth for example. My jig heads can be re-used and you simply remove the wire frame that the lures are moulded round and add a new body, yes you can buy just the bodies too.

So all in all the Ultimate package and they catch fish so what more can you ask for !!! Mail me to discuss custom made lures there are minimum orders for custom made of 6 as that is one pass in the moulds so not asking too much there either.

See my other posts on the Non PVC skin safe silicone rubbers I use as it will give details about the benefits.

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