Next new sea fishing lure about to go on sale

The next new Non PVC lures is nearly ready to go on sale I just have to tweak the moulds and it’s good to go. The design has been created to give and ultra flexible body and great action in the slowest of tides.

Available in three sizes with the large and medium available with the jighead and hook bonded with the body. The smallest size is available body only and my jigheads will suit them in the smaller sizes. All three are also available as body only, hook sizes for the bonded lures can be from 3/0 to 6/0 with 4/0 as the standard size on large and 3/0 on the medium lures.

Bonded in jigheads can be re-used as the body gets mullered, there is a wire frame on the hook shaft internals to reinforce the bond to the body, so all you need to do is remove the wire to re-use or add a replacement body.

Standard colours as shown in the image which have been selected as these are the top catching colours out on the boats. Custom made lures we can do that which is to provide lures to your required hook size, jig weight and a specific colour. Note 6 lures are minimum order for custom making, colours are fast not sprayed so they remain vibrant throughout it’s life..


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