Wreck fishing for Cod, Bass and Pollock

Eventually got out wrecking yesterday and took loads of lures from my new range for the crews to test, catch fish and comment on. Here are two examples that were well hammered by Bass, Cod and Pollock and there are plenty of teethmarks there are no tears confirming just how tough the silicone rubbers used really are. More on this trip when I have edited the HDvideo showing the lures and seabooms in action.

Skipper of Tiger Lily Weymouth has commented on the lures here is what he says:

Chris wrote: “Got to say that these lures produced by Seabooms.com worked brilliantly yesterday…they matched live eels and as Alan has said they caught all species available. they are a credit to Alan Yates who I know has worked very hard in getting them into production. Just shows what you can do in a cottage industry if you are committed enough…Well done Alan.”

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