Weymouth wreck fishing for Bass Pollock and Cod

Nice chunky Bass saves the day on what was the hardest fishing I’ve seen off Weymouth for a while, numerous wrecks visited with minimal results just 10 average Pollock then this Bass taken by Moi with one of my superflex gay pink lures lifted our spirits. Expecting more from the wreck didn’t happen so I caught Billy the no mates Bass, the only bass in the village ! Good crew lots of banter quite mild but bumpy big sea racing along and clearing wrecks quickly so quite tiring on a 12oz lead.

The 1973 Record breaker Eddystone Eel

This is the daddy of them all the artificial lure that has taken 5 British record fish, Cod, Pollock, Bass, Coalfish and now in February this year 2012 a 7lb 6oz Whiting fell to an orange Eddystone eel.

It also holds a claim to fame taking 10 line class caught world records. The eel comes in a range of sizes and colours with the size 3 190mm being the eel that is the record breaker. See just how realistic this eel is and it’s loaded with super sharp hooks to get you firmly attached to the fish you’re after. The colours we currently stock are the two most popular and high catching designs, red and black being tops for Cod and Pollock and the blue white mackerel tops for Bass.

Play the video at full screen HD to catch all the detail and quality of these eels, we have also shown how best to set up your trace for the beginners.

Bass fishing lures updated shopping cart details

The Bass fishing lures sections have been updated to offer more choice in how you want to purchase either loose, colours, amounts or with and without the trace added for you to be able to tie your own. Don’t forget if you’re buying a number of items contact us before checking out so we can look at discounts and better shipping rate for you.

Eddystone Eels in action “The Video”

Eddystone artificial eels images have been in the new store for a while and we have now added a video so you can see them in action and the product in more detail. Eels are available loose any colour and size or in packets (blisterpacks) and you can buy them ready to fish out of the bag again as single items or in bulk.