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Two more fishing video’s added to my movie downloads page. See my Ultimate Eels in action and all the options to alter size and make quick repairs on the boats. All four colours fishing really well for the Cod and Pollock on the wrecks off Weymouth Dorset.

Compilation Plaice fishing video showing the best of catches from the 2013 season on the Plaice grounds of Portland Dorset. Quality fish being taken and the variety of rigs used plus baits to catch them.


24lb Cod pirking in the English Channel

Short but sweet one of the boys on the boat out of Weymouth decided to put a basic pirk on at slack water and it produced two quality Cod and a rush for the others who had them to get all pirked up. The chaps mother put a stone on and quickly lost it too “all good excercise” keeps the weight off !!

Great day terrific fishing and the weather behaved superb and the freezer is now stocking up again with quality vac packed Cod ready for our table. Always good to fish with new faces and some of the guys I have been out with before and I tried the new Skippy Fish scented shads with our own littlefishy jigheads and they caught on every drift so a new product tested out too.

Here is the movie, play it at full screen 1080p HD it’s awesome quality.

Cod and Whiting bashing Wednesday 11th January 2012

First trip out of 2012 and hopefully we will be on the Whiting and a chance of big Cod too. All the kit is ready to go and we have some great bait options to hit the fish. One new member of our crew first time out and we have a good boat and a great weather forecast for the first time this year.

Should have a good gallery of “The Catch” as I’m fishing all day and leaving the video camera at home for this one, well may change my mind will have to wait and see what happens. Have a later than usual start as the skipper had some work to do on the boat ready for us and needs to tidy it up so a good leisurely full English breakfast is on the cards.

As usual despite all these years of fishing I still get excited on a good trip out so fingers crossed and more to come on the trip report.


Cod fishing on The Rocket off the Wight

Here is the promo for The Rocket and the winter Codding off the Wight. The movie says it all about a class boat and a dedicated skipper/owner Trevor Small. Play the movie at 1080p full screen in HD.

If you like some comfort when you go fishing on a charter boat then it doesn’t get much more comfortable than The Rocket. Add in the facilities of the micro wave and electric ovens, plus hot water to make a fresh cup of tea or coffee and then to be put on fish as well via the electronic wizardry on board you can’t really ask for much more can you.


Cod fishing on the Rocket it actually happened

Saturday 10th November 2011 and we actually managed to set sail on board the Rocket with Trevor Small skipper/owner and we had a superb weather forecast plus a great crew of guys all experienced in catching COD !! well no pressure or what eh.

I was there as the official camera person for the day and I shot some great footage, the video will be on line shortly along with a full account of the days action. Here are a couple of video captures from the trip for now.

Awesome image this of the Rocket gliding into the quay out of the early morning darkness.

The Rocket charter boat out of Poole Dorset

 Dave one of the crew members with an 18lb+ Cod

Dave with an 18lb+ Cod caught on the Rocket

On The Rocket Sat 10th December Cod bashing

Out on the Rocket this coming Saturday 10th shooting a promo video for the skipper Trevor Small one of many I will be doing over next year 2012. With all the new more luxurious boats and some great dedicated skippers who work their nuts off to get you on the fish it’s time to promote them and show off what they offer.

I have already shot a couple and you can see the video’s in the Charter Boats link above. So this Saturday the weather is looking good and I will be heading down to Poole in Dorset for an early start to get the camera rolling and then shooting out to the Needles off the Ilse of Wight to get stuck into some of the winter cod run they get.

Be good to not fish and just concentrate on the experienced anglers that will be onboard filming them in action, plus showing off all the facilities that the Rocket has on board for both anglers and divers. I have fished on the Rocket with Trevor many times and he is a good fun skipper that works hard to find the fish and the Rocket is one of the largest charter cats out of Poole and it’s a really comfortable fast boat.

The Rocket charter boat out of Poole in Dorset

Uptide fishing off Swansea Wales

I enjoyed uptiding once I got used to casting on a boat full of blokes and all the associated risks. I watched a video on the TV of a guy who really promotes uptide fishing off the Essex coast and when I saw it in action I had to have a go and this is the result a 23lb cod.

Taken on a lug and squid cocktail using a fine wire hook pennel rig and light braid line. Seeing that rod tip action when the breakaway bite comes is frst class and as the fish virtually hook them selves, playing them on light tackle and rig is really good sport. The big hair brings back memories too !


Uptide fishing in wales

Cod fishing out of Weymouth

Decided to book a trip out of Weymouth, haven’t been there for years so thought I would give it a try. Singles day place on board the Katie Anne with Paul Davis. Never fished with him before but he sounded cool so went with it.

On board and grabbed my usual positition up front portside there where only 8 of us so loads of room on the Katie Anne as it’s a new modern catamaran so can fish virtually all round. Getting tackled up I had a new Rod and Reel to test out, The Charter Boat Rod and the Vantage 300 you can see them here and there is a video review on them too.

So 2.5 hours steaming and where on the wreck, I rigged up with a Scaly Fish pirk onto a Lumi Trace the 40lb size 1/0 as I new if there where decent fish on the wreck I would need that size. Braid on the reel was loaded 45lb breaking strain. First drift to feel the wreck, second drift straight into an 8lb cod, lost the pirk on the next drift caught the wreck so added one of my Nordic Pirks 14oz with the white wobble tails on the treble. Bang another cod around 10lb this time.

This 18 pound plus cod I took on about the sixth drift and I had changed from a Pirk to one of my Raging Shad Rattlers  again with the Lumi trace they appear to like to see what they’re eating so the glow off the Lumi tube is just right. Had a total; of 8 fish that day and Paul filleted them all on the way back to port. So for an off the cuff trip with a new skipper what more could you ask for “Same again next trip skipper” and he did tell you about that one next.

Cod of the wrecks English Channel Weymouth