Fishing Norway for large Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Updated my Norway gallery page with all the latest images of some of the cracking fish taken on my lures this year so far and some from previous years plus a couple of video links added. Thanks to Paul Stevens and his merry men for their efforts:

Catching big fish in Norway

Let me dis a myth about fishing Norway and the dream of dropping a lure anywhere over the side of the boat and straight away into a huge Cod or Halibut it don’t happen !! Sorry to say that as I like many others that was the dream, if you want the fish then you have to find them like anywere else in the world. On our Norway trip we were lucky enough to have charts loaned to us with many marks on them and with GPS on the boat easy to find but even these change and fish move on so it’s very trial and error to locate them. The camp boss gave us a set of numbers to try out in the Norwegian sea approx 90 mins steam from the camp just dialed them into GPS and away we went straight to the mark and first drop into good double figure Cod all of us. The mark went off the boil after about an hour so back to the charts for that area and looked for changes in the seabed for any pinnacles that could deliver a feeding area and BINGO we found one. A test drift produced a full house and of bigger fish so the drift was setup again and again and we caught fish up to 25lbs and even when we called time we just had to have one more drift as it was all going our way. So as I said from the start this trip would be a learning curve and it sure was the experience for future trips is invaluable. This is what we saw on the GPS when we drifted over the mark and the fishing went nuts with an estimated 50 fish caught and over 750lbs on a C&R basis all safely returned, now that was a result for us.