Turbo Super Eel soft lures for Cod Pollock Coalfish Haddock Bass

Looks like another testing trip is coming on see how the Pollock and Cod take to these Turbo Super Eels. New larger size based on my Turbo Eels and I’ve made this one with a shovel tail so it adds more weight to drive the eel plus the body shape has been ammended slightly so the eel can be cut down and the turbo jighead can be repositioned, or if the X2 tears around the hook exit the lure can be easily reduced in size to carry on catching. Made in X2 Silicone so it’s pretty tough anyways and has more than proven itself out in Norway this year taking all sizes of Cod up to 64lb so I know it’s durable and flexible for kick ass action. DIY moulds will be added once final testing has taken place and the colours shown are top catching plus the GITD/UV colours will also be available in due course. Finshed lures with the turbo head or bodies only if you make your own jigheads, I’ve opted for Eagleclaw 570HBP lazer sharp hooks and the 4/0 13g turbo head works well if you want to cut the eel down in size and weight so all options covered, a catch all jobbie infact !!

Turbo fish soft lures out on sea trials review

When you come up with a new lure design you can make it and test it in the tanks but at the end of the day it’s the sea trials that prove if it’s any good taking fish and standing up to sharp teeth and strong takes. Yesterdays sea trials proved a great success taking some nice Pollock with a variety of colours patterns and sizes of lures. The new Turbo Fish was tried first with a large size olive Ice colour loaded with a 9/0 hook and 20g head, on the second drop bingo fish on and after landing the lure was inspected for damage but good to go it went for another swim and bingo another fish. I changed to a smaller blue ice fish with 4/0 hook 13g head and that little fish took a good few Pollock and you can see the teeth marks but it stood up well. I had some supersoft large pearl ice turbo fish and needed to see how that swims and how durable it would be. Again on a roll it took fish and stood up to those pin sharp teeth. The larger Whackytails a lure designed more for Cod than Pollock but it attracted the attention of a couple of nice fish, along with using my awesome eels and the well proven turbo tail eels small size loaded onto a 13g 4/0 turbo head a good sea trial session and the X2 Mk2 silicone stood up well so these will be ready to roll and in my store shortly. The images show lures used and how they sustained multiple hookups and remain still fishable for future trips.