6.3lb Rainbow Lechlade Trout Fisheries

What do you think of this nice plump fit rainbow trout ?, out on the new Togiak float tubing and taken in centre lake not in the margins as what would be considered normal locations and it mullered a big pink fluffy lure and just roared off with me in my tube in tow.

Took nearly 15 minutes to get it into the net as I only had a small point on and just had to wait until it rolled over. At the sink ready to fillet, cure and smoke ready for vac packing for future trout salads. Fly fishing is such a great sport at Lechlade fisheries and with two lakes to fish you should not go home fishless.

Rainbow trout fly fishing

I get a new Todger

With many trips on board my trusty floating armchair I had the opportunity to purchase what is considered the roller of float tubes the Togiak and what a difference in speed and getting about the sleeker lines of this float tube has.

With the turned up bow there is less drag in the water so less effort needed by my short stumpy legs to power it along especially when it’s windy. Here is the tube after the first outing and it was well and truly christened with this fine catch. 4lb brownee too !!

Togiak float tube

Float tubing out on the water in Gloucestershire

You’ve see me dry now see what I look like wet bobbing about on the lake. You will be amazed how quick you can get about with the large flippers on, you also need them when you get into a fish too as you soon end up going round in circles. A strong fighting brownee can actually tow you along too.

I will fish like this all the time now apart from lakes or resevoirs that don’t allow them of course. Casting from the tubes takes a little time to get used to as your so low to the water and can easily dunk the fly everytime you get it wrong on the back cast.

Float tubing on the lakes

Float tubing at Letchlade trout fishery

Fishing the banks of a good large lake gives plenty of exercise by the time you’ve fished all the marks on the lake, but if you want to get all round the lake and across it then try one of these, they’re the dogs dangly bits.

Ok looks like your into some kinky type of fetish in all this kit but when you get out on the lakes and enjoy the freedom to fish anywhere without being restricted by high banks or hanging trees you will live to learn with the barracking.Float tubing on the lakes

6lb plus Rainbow trout on the fly

Don’t know why I’m loitering infront of the ladies, bit worrying that ! but hey look at this bad boy well girl actually a 6lb female caught on a green daddy out in the tube on a large lake near Lechlade UK.

Shame really it did’t give much of an account of herself not what you would call a Fiesty Female by any means but it’s another one for the blog to shout about. Infact that day I had bought a six fish ticket and caught my quota all from 3-6 lb so good day that one and it was around November time 2010 so the lakes where getting chilly on the legs for tubing.

Good exerise though on a cold day you have to keep paddling just to keep warm

6lb rainbow trout

Trout fisherman goes on to teach others

To say we got hooked onto fly fishing is an understatement and my son in law Chad decided to have a go and we showed him the basics from what little we new and off we went to the lakes. Fortunately his Uncle Tony is one of the balifs at the lakes we where using then and also a very good fly fisherman.

That day we arranged to meet him at the lakes so we all could learn from his experience. Chad was soon into fish and experiencing the buzz we had with those first few and still do.

Here he is with a brace of fine rainbow trout, not sure what he got them on as he fished with the balif all day and wasn’t giving up any info, good eh we bring him into the sport, show him what to do well a little bit and he catches the fish.

Brace of Rainbow Trout

Trout Fisherman breaks his duck

After 3 or 4 outings on the lakes and a load of flack from my son about Who’s the daddy then ! I managed to catch my first trout on the fly and it really gave me a buzz. Until you feel that first take and see your fly line shoot out infront of you it’s hard to describe.

Not a biggy by any standards but it sure did give a good account of itself, or perhaps I milked it for all it’s worth in case I didn’t catch another one that day. Fortunately I had two more that day and nearly actually managed to fill my 4 fish ticket on that lake.

I can even tell you now what I caught them on, a green and black montana for the first two and a small green daddy for the third one, Now Who’s The Daddy !!

Rainbow trout on the fly

Fly fishing virgins

With the amount of boat fishing trips we lose each year through bad weather and with the fact that myself and Andy my son have both taken days off from our business’s then we had to find something to satisfy our lust for catching fish.

Andy came up with the perfect birthday present a few years back and that was a days Fly Fishing instruction with a pro. Since that day we where both Hooked excuse the pun and when we get a blow out as we call it then fly fishing is on the cards.

We live in the Cotswolds so there are plenty of lakes all stocked with good size rainbow and brown trout and from our first time out we caught fish and that was it as they are such good sport. Fishing from the banks took some getting used to but when I saw a guy out fishing in a float tube we both decide to get one each and haven’t looked back since !!

That very first trout caught by Andy a few days after our tuition, that first one will always feel good.

Rainbow trout on the fly