How to fish page updated

The page for details on how to fish articles has been updated with a new video and information on the interlock swivels a useful piece of terminal tackle to have in your bag. The video is in 720p HD and you can play it full screen and the quality for flash HD is pretty good.

You will see details of the interlock swivels and how to attach them to your trace using the half blood knot tucked which I use for pretty near all my hook, swivel and trace attachments. See the How To Fish link above to visit the page.

New How To Fish series

Well we already have a few How To Fish articles in it’s own page and new ones are in progress. Now the movies are designed for the newby anglers and perhaps some experienced fishermen may pick up a different technique. But experienced anglers must also appreciate these are my takes on fishing and how I do it so they may not agree with them, but with new guys just taking up fishing then it’s somewhere to start and see some rig making options.

I am also going to be getting new footage when out on the charter boats of the different techniques that are used in boat fishing so there will be lots to see in the updates on this blog. Bookmark the permalinks or subsribe using our RSS feed and get the updates as they happen.

Trout Fisherman breaks his duck

After 3 or 4 outings on the lakes and a load of flack from my son about Who’s the daddy then ! I managed to catch my first trout on the fly and it really gave me a buzz. Until you feel that first take and see your fly line shoot out infront of you it’s hard to describe.

Not a biggy by any standards but it sure did give a good account of itself, or perhaps I milked it for all it’s worth in case I didn’t catch another one that day. Fortunately I had two more that day and nearly actually managed to fill my 4 fish ticket on that lake.

I can even tell you now what I caught them on, a green and black montana for the first two and a small green daddy for the third one, Now Who’s The Daddy !!

Rainbow trout on the fly

How to fish masterclass

If you take a look at the Poole boat fishing trip video you will see Jez one of our crew buddies having a one to one how to fish master class or rather how to land the fish you’ve just caught. Now to an experienced boat angler this may appear boring but to someone who has never caught a large fish in and now wants to land it in a strong tidal flow it’s worth watching.