Float tube first timer

Looks like a member of the SBS ready to go on a mission. Well Chad enjoyed has first trip on his tube and caught fish too so there are now three of us in our fleet and tubing will always take the first option to fish the Bushyleaze lake in Gloucestershire at Lechlade fisheries.

What is good here too if you get bored in the tube you can go off wading from the banks.

Float tubing at Lechlade

Float tubing out on the water in Gloucestershire

You’ve see me dry now see what I look like wet bobbing about on the lake. You will be amazed how quick you can get about with the large flippers on, you also need them when you get into a fish too as you soon end up going round in circles. A strong fighting brownee can actually tow you along too.

I will fish like this all the time now apart from lakes or resevoirs that don’t allow them of course. Casting from the tubes takes a little time to get used to as your so low to the water and can easily dunk the fly everytime you get it wrong on the back cast.

Float tubing on the lakes

Float tubing at Letchlade trout fishery

Fishing the banks of a good large lake gives plenty of exercise by the time you’ve fished all the marks on the lake, but if you want to get all round the lake and across it then try one of these, they’re the dogs dangly bits.

Ok looks like your into some kinky type of fetish in all this kit but when you get out on the lakes and enjoy the freedom to fish anywhere without being restricted by high banks or hanging trees you will live to learn with the barracking.Float tubing on the lakes