Conger, Ling, Rays and Tope Traces


Product Description: Strong O’Shaughnessy hooks tied to super strong ultra abrasive resistant mono, trace is 1.5metres approximately and terminates with a double surgeons loop and a 1/0 interlock swivel is fitted to easy attachment to your main line/leader. All traces are supplied in their own resealable waterproof bags.

Bespoke Trace Options: You can specify what trace size and b.s. you want so for example 6/0 hook but with 100lb trace shortened to 1 metre or whatever combinations you wish. In most cases there is no extra charges, just allow a couple of extra days for delivery. Mail us with your specifications and we will assist you.

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Conger fishing on the reefs off Cornwall

I always think that the conger eels on the reefs give a better account of themselves than the conger on the wrecks, perhaps I have just been lucky to catch some really spunky fish over the years. These two fish where taken some years back when I was on holiday in Penzance myself and Andy my son jumped on a singles day charter boat.

The skipper put us on a couple of good marks and we had conger eels, small ling and rays on the boat all day so these two came home as I like them in steaks and done on the barby plus great for fish pies and fish cakes.


Conger and ling on the reefs


Conger, Ling and Ray traces

Ready made heavy duty traces with a choice of sizes and mono breaking strains to suit the size of the fish you want to target. Easy to setup and fish straight out of the bag, saves all the hassle of trying to tie a rig on a rocking and rolling charter boat. Plus if your drifting and lose your tackle you need to be ready for the next drift as quick as possible

Sliding ledger rigs are also shown on the movie and on the additional information page, lots more details of what is available out of the bag ready to fish

Play the movie at full screen 720p HD and you can get MORE INFORMATION HERE