Light Sticks Lumi Glow Traces


Product Description: Pack of 5 light sticks with two sizes of attachment sleeves and 1 trace. Traces are two size options 35lb b.s. with a size two interlock swivel and other end terminates with a double surgeons loop. Option two is the stronger trace 45lb b.s. and a size 1/0 interlock swivel. Traces are approx 1.5m and are available separate without the light sticks and holders. This brand of lightstick has average strong glow of approx 4 hours dropping to dull over 8 hours.

Product Video Here:

Tackle Tip: Bend the tube to break the lightstick mix and then shake end to end not side to side you will get a better mix, longer lasting light and brighter. I also turn it round and shake again.

Bespoke Service: Order traces to your specification mail us with your requirements.

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Wrecking rig tangles update

I didn’t have time to finish this post completely yesterday so let’s put this one to bed now. Here are a couple of images of the resolve to using the interlock swivel and the lumi tubes.
Again to clarify the lumi tubes don’t go onto the main line they are fitted on the trace just above the lure connection and I don’t mention the use or promote the use of the open style trace clips.

If you’re concerned about tangles with fellow anglers braid main line then this will prevent them if it is an issue. In the Image you will see the lumi tube kit comes with spare silicone sleeves and the larger size is ideal to slip over the interlock swivels two clip ends and just slide back when you want to open the clip.

The lumi tube itself just add another sleeve and each end is then closed off to prevent any chance of braid or mono sliding down between the tube and the trace. A simple solution at no cost to what I personally don’t consider to be an issue.

Softbaits for bassing

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Time to make a decision list of what I want to take with me Friday to use if we can’t get fresh live sandeels or joey mackerel, First choice are the Killies these come in two colours and resemble the sand eel well plus the tail action is very realisitic especeialy on the up jig and a quick drop gives that injured eel feel Killie Colours, plus they usually do the trick if other lures fall flat. Another advantage of all our softbaits they are all pre-hooked which make it easy to quick rig them especially with our Lumi Traces.

Next choice will be our Latex Eels also pre-hooked with fine wire hooks and I have used these before with success so they’re in the bag. Assorted sizes and colours of Shads ready to fish out of the bag with a lumi tube on the trace. I like these in fast tides as they’re un-weighted so perfom well on a drift when worked on the 20 up and down method, especially on a fast drop, had more bass on the drop than the up wind.

Raging rattling shads sound crazy don’t they and they are I just love these and they perform well as an alternative to the eels or killies. Side vibes, vibrating heads and they get a real wiggle on too, sounds like a sex toy doesn’t it and they are to fish, had some great cod and pollack catches on these so see how they perform with the bass. Again will be using a Lumi Trace good thing you can pull the lumi tube out of the trace quickly so try both options. That will do for starters so roll on Friday.