Fishing the Rips out of Poole Dorset The Movie

Well here it is I have edited in a picture of my 19lb Pollock obviously I can’t catch specimen fish and film so a couple of images were taken of it and the weigh in with some doody mini electronic scales from Fishzone. So not only did we test lures we caught fish that tested the scales too.

Enjoy the movie the weather was kind but overcast so looks dull day but it certainly wasn’t dull on the boat with a very jovial crew so some good banter along with the fishing. Play the movie at full screen 1080p quality sit back and enjoy as we did.

Whiting and there were plenty of them

Wednesday 11th January what a start to 2012 with a trip out on The Rocket and thanks to Trevor the skipper and much pressure from me (sorry trev !!) the trip happened. Due to the high winds the previous week the lighting and radio mast were damaged and repairs were started.

With all the rewiring needed the work hadn’t been completed by Monday 9th and when I spoke to the skipper there was a good chance it not may be done by Weds 11th. “It Has Got To Be Ready” I shouted down the phone it’s the best forecast for months and there was no way we can miss it “Suppose I better Get it Done Then” Trevor wailed back to me.

Well he did pull all the stops out and by Tuesday night The Rocket was ready to ship and we had a trip on but with a later start 0830hrs as there was some tidying up left to be done on the boat. No problem with the later start it gave us an extra hour in bed and time for a full english at the Quay pub/restaurant (Highly recommended their breakfast !!) and so reasonable in price too.

The drive down was busier than normal but we hit Poole just as the sun was rising and with just a slight puff of wind, for a January day it was like a summers morning and the days weather was incredible. Blue sky with sun on your face All Day, seas slight just a small ripple where we fished over the banks and the sunset closed down a really good day.

With plenty of room on the boat we could all fish two rods so one was setup with big squid baits and ledger rig for Cod and one light rig for whiting. One of the crew used an uptide rig with two fliers baited with frozen Mackerel and hit fish from the start and fished steady all day as we all did.

Plenty of doggies too and we keep those as a friend and his wife know how to skin and prepare them, an art in itself and they use my Vacuum Packing methods as they love to eat them and they are a tastie fish too plus most give a return of a good portion size.

So a good start to the year and as we sat on the sea front eating would you believe Cod and Chips ! from what has to be the best fish and chip shop in the UK and all cooked fresh for you we reflected on the day and started planning the next trip as the large Pollock are showing on the wrecks and there is still plenty of Cod about.


Cod fishing on The Rocket off the Wight

Here is the promo for The Rocket and the winter Codding off the Wight. The movie says it all about a class boat and a dedicated skipper/owner Trevor Small. Play the movie at 1080p full screen in HD.

If you like some comfort when you go fishing on a charter boat then it doesn’t get much more comfortable than The Rocket. Add in the facilities of the micro wave and electric ovens, plus hot water to make a fresh cup of tea or coffee and then to be put on fish as well via the electronic wizardry on board you can’t really ask for much more can you.


Cod fishing on the Rocket it actually happened

Saturday 10th November 2011 and we actually managed to set sail on board the Rocket with Trevor Small skipper/owner and we had a superb weather forecast plus a great crew of guys all experienced in catching COD !! well no pressure or what eh.

I was there as the official camera person for the day and I shot some great footage, the video will be on line shortly along with a full account of the days action. Here are a couple of video captures from the trip for now.

Awesome image this of the Rocket gliding into the quay out of the early morning darkness.

The Rocket charter boat out of Poole Dorset

 Dave one of the crew members with an 18lb+ Cod

Dave with an 18lb+ Cod caught on the Rocket

On The Rocket Sat 10th December Cod bashing

Out on the Rocket this coming Saturday 10th shooting a promo video for the skipper Trevor Small one of many I will be doing over next year 2012. With all the new more luxurious boats and some great dedicated skippers who work their nuts off to get you on the fish it’s time to promote them and show off what they offer.

I have already shot a couple and you can see the video’s in the Charter Boats link above. So this Saturday the weather is looking good and I will be heading down to Poole in Dorset for an early start to get the camera rolling and then shooting out to the Needles off the Ilse of Wight to get stuck into some of the winter cod run they get.

Be good to not fish and just concentrate on the experienced anglers that will be onboard filming them in action, plus showing off all the facilities that the Rocket has on board for both anglers and divers. I have fished on the Rocket with Trevor many times and he is a good fun skipper that works hard to find the fish and the Rocket is one of the largest charter cats out of Poole and it’s a really comfortable fast boat.

The Rocket charter boat out of Poole in Dorset

Cod fishing on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

The cod are in WaHey !!! Trevor Small the skipper of the Rocket one of the larger charter boats out of Poole Dorset has sent me some pictures of recent cod catches so they are starting to show in that area. I have fished many times with Trevor and it’s a good fun day with a skipper that will do his best to get you on the fish. Plus he runs diving trips so if you can’t catch them go down on them and see what you’re missing !!

More to come from the Rocket as I feel some good cod vibrations coming on.

BOOK TREVOR HERE VIA HIS WEB SITE images click to enlarge

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset


True Blue skipper Steve Porter

Remember this trip well it was one of those border line trips shall we or shall we call it off and seeing the look on Steve’s face and the roll of the boat the dcision to call it off at 1300hrs says it all. No fish just pure bump and what a grind that it got worse not better. So early bath and into the pub but rather be fishing. Weather always is the main factor in trips being cancelled, in all the years I’ve been fishing I can’t recall a trip cancelled by a skipper for any other reason so not a bad average there. Charter boats have got bigger and more stable but they’re still very small fry on the ocean so the cut off point is quite critical for safety of crew and boat.

True blue charter boat

More Pollack on the drift

Carrying on from my last post here are more of the quality pollack we had that day and despite the cold it was one of the most productive trips we had enjoyed in a while. We decided at the start to use light tackle to give some sport and I think we lost about three fish down to tackle giving it up to the fish. Sea fishing is sport at the end of the day and it is good to fish within a range that if you get it wrong the fish wins.

Pollack on the drift

Motley Crew

Here are some of the guys who enjoy our boat fishing trips all who are totally into the day and the level of concentration from all of them always impress’s me. Even when the days are slow the banter and the effort always makes for good day. Steaming out of Poole Quay on Poole Quay springtimea bright crisp spring morning.


Rays on the banks off Poole

Didn’t I do well and it was his first trip out, catches best fish of the day and walks away with the cash for the first and the best fish. So he has a free day and cash to spare for his fish and chips on the way home ! How jammy does it get and here is the picture that was worth a few bob and good to see a newby getting a good days fishing. Out of Poole on True Blue with Steve Porter.

Rays on the banks at Poole