Tuna off Portland

I saw an article that Tuna have been taken off Portland by some spear fisherman and there where pictures so perhaps it’s true BUT !! as I’m off Portland on Friday here’s hoping just watch this movie of a monster Tuna taken off New Zealand. Sent to me by a fishing friend just to pull my string, hope one of these do. Get the chips ready !!!

Bass fishing trip 30th Sept

Fishing off Portland Races trip is getting closer and time to get the tackle ready as the weather forecast looks really good wind SSE force 2-3. New rods here ready to trial an upgraded Xtra Flexx boat and a Charter boat rod, both cheap as chips rods so going to see if I can break them as the Xtra Flexx is supposed to be unbreakable

Had one of the Xtra Flexx from when they where launched and this later version has more heavy lift characteristics I have been told so it can only get better as it was good before. The Charter boat rod again low budget rod in the 15-30lb class so a good range rod. I was going to run with my CA30L reel but new stock of the Vantage 300 reel has arrived so going with one of them see what happens plus a Chieftain 45 reel another low cost reel to try and blitz. Haven’t sorted softbaits yet will post on those later.

Bass fishing off Portland races

Roll on the 30th Sept booked on the Katie Anne out of Weymouth for a bassing trip and possibly a few drifts on the Shambles bank see if the Turbot and plaice are about. Early weather forcast looks fantastic may even have to break the sun cream out too.

Couple of new rods and reels to check out too see how they perform and the new HD video camera will be getting an airing too. So hopefully there should be some nice bass ready to vac pack into the freezer and some useful video action and reporting back on a couple of boat rods and multiplier reels ready for next weeks blog updates.

Portland races are usually difficult to fish as it can get quite bumpy if the conditions are not in balance but from what I can see even that should not be an issue and the tide is just right to bring the bass on the feed. May be live sandeels about, if not plenty of softbait lures will be in my tackle bag, have to wait and see what Paul the skipper suggests to rig with. Last time I fished the races we had about three hours of non stop bass coming on the boat and some good double figure fish.

Most went back and we just took enough to have some good bass dinners and it is a fine fish for eating but best to look at taking low figure fish 5-7lb as they’re tastier and the flesh more subtle. So early start Friday morning but hopefully will drive into Weymouth catch the sunrise, crack a full english and then steam out off Portland and look out Billy Bass here I come !