World Record Norway Cod Catch

WE WANT TO GET A NEW WORLD RECORD COD !! when we fish Soroya this year 2016 !! No Pressure of course when Paul Stevens of Sportquest Holidays said to me make us a lure 40cm+ and 600g at least with as much tail action as possible and be able to take big trebles so we can troll it behind the boat to hit on the big boys. Ok not a problem so here is Big Daddy and it’s multi functional it can be fished as is and the tail action is awesome with the twin tails curling superb and driven by the heavy paddletail. Now if one or both of the tails get bitten off the lure isn’t lost you can trim them back to fins and it becomes a paddletail lure albeit a tad shorter still plenty of action to carry on using it and a third option cut the paddle off and just use it as a twin curltail. Any amount of colour options these two have been selected by Paul as he likes all things that glitter and a bit Pink ! Hmmm ok so now let’s see if they do the business and I’m taking a couple with me too when I go to Skjervoy this month