Pirks and shipping costs be wise article

Shipping pirks and our range of bighead jigs are an absolute nightmare for us and even more when it comes to charging our customers what it costs to ship them out. Our largest pirk is the Scaly Fish weighing in at 465g and with all the options that are supplied with the kit it takes it over the 500g mark and into the next price band with royal mail so our shipping out cost with packaging is currently set at £3.50 for first class and cheaper if second class.

Now without prompting customers to buy more here is the option to get pirks and heavy products cheaper but it does take a few days longer for the goods to arrive. We suggest using the RM Standard Parcels the costs of shipping on a number of items drop dramatically. For example shipping up to 2kg cost currently is £4.41 so if 4 pirks and option kits are purchased cost then drops to £1.10 per set and less on the lighter pirks if you buy more.

So if you like to fish pirks regularly and on really snaggy wrecks you lose loads of gear like we do at times then contact us so we can give you the best shipping rates and cheapest way to get our product to you.

Mail order sea fishing tackle shipping information

How do you ship your products ?? good question and pleased to answer this one as it’s so important to us to get your order to you in pristine condition. Here is an example of one of our travel rods waiting to be shipped as you can see our packaging is designed so transit damage can only result in very poor handling in transit.

We ship via the Royal Mail or selected carriers we have used for some time so we know they get the goods to you in a timely manner. On occasions we have to ask for a contact telephone number which by the way we don’t store on file or sell it on to these annoying phone sales companies, same with any of our customers details including email address.

So if you are concerned about will your order not arrive or arrive in tatty old packaging the be assured it certainly won’t leave here like that.