Fish Smokers Portable Plus Smoke Wood Chips

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Product Description: Portable stainless steel hot smoker complete with twin burners and two layered food racks. Easy to use for fish, meats, cheese and any other produce you wish to hot smoke / cook. Specially selected bags of wood chips also available that will last for many smoking sessions as you don’t need much to produce a slight or strong smoke flavour. I have had one of these for many years see the product video’s and you will see how to use and how durable they are.

Product Video Here:

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Fish smoker getting ready to use

Our fish smoker is just so easy to setup and use you will always wonder why you didn’t use on before now. The video gives you details about the smoker and how you can enjoy the catch of the day on the beach or boat (if the skipper agrees) and fresh caught hot smoked fish is just incredable to eat. Have used one of these for years and to prove it I will post a video of mine in due cours and show just how durable these smokers are.


Watch the video at full screen 720p HD available