True Blue skipper Steve Porter

Remember this trip well it was one of those border line trips shall we or shall we call it off and seeing the look on Steve’s face and the roll of the boat the dcision to call it off at 1300hrs says it all. No fish just pure bump and what a grind that it got worse not better. So early bath and into the pub but rather be fishing. Weather always is the main factor in trips being cancelled, in all the years I’ve been fishing I can’t recall a trip cancelled by a skipper for any other reason so not a bad average there. Charter boats have got bigger and more stable but they’re still very small fry on the ocean so the cut off point is quite critical for safety of crew and boat.

True blue charter boat

Motley Crew

Here are some of the guys who enjoy our boat fishing trips all who are totally into the day and the level of concentration from all of them always impress’s me. Even when the days are slow the banter and the effort always makes for good day. Steaming out of Poole Quay on Poole Quay springtimea bright crisp spring morning.


Rays on the banks off Poole

Didn’t I do well and it was his first trip out, catches best fish of the day and walks away with┬áthe cash for the first and the best fish. So he has a free day and cash to spare for his fish and chips on the way home ! How jammy does it get and here is the picture that was worth a few bob and good to see a newby getting a good days fishing. Out of Poole on True Blue with Steve Porter.

Rays on the banks at Poole


True Blue at Poole Quay

We as a group of keen fisherman had the pleasure of fishing on the new True Blue cat just after it was launched. Windy day and the sea state was bumpy to rough so we saw just how sea worthy this boat was. Didn’t get a great catch that day just the usual mackerel and rays on the banks. Sea fishing is great day out on the charter boats and catching sea fish is a bonus ! well that’s how we look at it.

True Blue out of Poole

Pollack fishing off Poole Dorset

Not a bad days work we kept these for the freezer and returned what we didn’t want to keep. All fish where taken on jelly worms, rattling shads, various styles of Portland eels drifting a couple of wrecks about 25 miles out. Weather really cold and sea state bumpy but when you’re into fish, all of you, per drift who cares if it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Pollack fishing off Poole Dorset

Pollack galore on True Blue wreck fishing

Early January and it’s -2 with wind chill to -8. It’s blowing and the sea state is bumpy to rough and three of us set out on our annual winter charter. Lousy day nearly cancelled trip because of snow in our area so wasn’t sure we would make it to Poole but we where so looking forward to this trip we went for it.

Glad we did too after 3 hours steaming to the wreck first drift we where all into fish and so it went on for nearly 2hours like that. A day to remember and a good catch too to bring home. Wreck fishing is hard work but the skipper Steve Porter gave us a How to fish lesson in wrecking and we where on to them big time

Pollack fishing on True Blue charter boat