Turbo Tail Ells have new upgrade option in weighted tail

New addition to my Turbo Tail Eels I’ve added a weighted Bobbletail to impart more vibes from the rippling curltail for added attraction if the water is a tad coloured. Jighead and body system so easy to replace tails or change options from the plain tail to the weighted, weight is created by the additional X2 silicone rubber so all in one moulded. Plenty of colour options plus bags of mixed bodies will be available so if one colour isn’t turning the fish on just swap to another, two sizes and similar two jighead/hook sizes and weights so plenty of options to play with. Curltails have fished well for Cod and Pollock so this addition should prove a useful option. Image shows my 20g and 13g heads there is also a 33g head available, bodies are apporox. 8g and 12g for the weight conscious.