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Two more fishing video’s added to my movie downloads page. See my Ultimate Eels in action and all the options to alter size and make quick repairs on the boats. All four colours fishing really well for the Cod and Pollock on the wrecks off Weymouth Dorset.

Compilation Plaice fishing video showing the best of catches from the 2013 season on the Plaice grounds of Portland Dorset. Quality fish being taken and the variety of rigs used plus baits to catch them.


Weymouth wreck fishing for Bass Pollock and Cod

Nice chunky Bass saves the day on what was the hardest fishing I’ve seen off Weymouth for a while, numerous wrecks visited with minimal results just 10 average Pollock then this Bass taken by Moi with one of my superflex gay pink lures lifted our spirits. Expecting more from the wreck didn’t happen so I caught Billy the no mates Bass, the only bass in the village ! Good crew lots of banter quite mild but bumpy big sea racing along and clearing wrecks quickly so quite tiring on a 12oz lead.

Cod, Pollock and Plaice on board the Tiger Lily Weymouth.

Another very productive trip and I even managed to fish and film supported by skipper Chris Caines. Tested new lures too and enjoyed a good catch of Cod and Pollock with many kilo’s of filleted fish for the freezer.

Play this video and you will see how well the day worked and the great weather out in the English channel. End of day finished off with hitting on some good plaice, I didn’t fish as I wanted to get some good footage of plaice rigs and baits in action which you will see towards the end of the movie.

Cod fishing in the English Channel

Another good day out on the wrecks in the English channel out of Weymouth with Chris Caines and Aaron on the Tiger Lily. Tried out the new savage soft 4 play real herring shads coupled with out little fish jig heads and eagleclaw 635 hooks. Fist drift nice cod and it it hit as soon as I touched bottom.

The shad worked well only downside is they’re soft plastics and the teeth on the cod soon ripped them so take that into account they’re a good realistic swimming lure and will catch fish but don’t expect them to last too long.

Some really good Cod taken around the crew and everyone went home with some good fillets for our freezers. I also managed to try out some new lures too but more on those soon once I have the images done and catch video, just toooo bizzy catching the fish but someone has to do it !!!!

Weymouth Tiger Lily and the next generation

Monday 11th June and a much needed day out fishing with my son Andy who has struggled all year so far to get a day off from his own business. A wrecking trip for the Cod on Chris Caines boat Tiger Lily and a singles day so a good mixed bunch of guys.

I hadn’t planned to do any filming other than to get some rigs and more new lures plus test out a new super light strong and very braid friendly sea boom I am about to launch, oh and by the way it worked a treat and stood up to getting caught in the wrecks and taking some good prime cod.

Weather was perfect and the crew were a good jovial bunch and Chris was supported by his crewman Aarron who is very supportive to the anglers in netting the fish, providing help and the tea of course. When we arrived at the first mark I put on a rhubarb fat tail worm and the new sea boom plus a 10oz ball weight with 20lb rotten bottom link and Andy one of our twin tail little fishy rhubarb and custard lures.

Bang he was into cod straight away and landed a nice fit fighting 8lb fish and I hooked into one about same weight. On the boat was a father and son team and the lad was about 12 years old but new exactly what he was doing and got into some nice cod pretty quick too. See the video and you will see just how hot he was and outfished his father and many other anglers on the boat.

We went home with a good bag of filleted cod for the vac bags and the freezer and some pricelss video was shot showing the next generation of quality young anglers coming along so how good is that !! I am out again on the 20th of June and will be doing final testing of the braid friendly sea booms and if all goes well they will go on sale just after.

Tiger Lily Weymouth On The Cod

A classic days fishing and filming out of Weymouth on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 aboard the charter boat Tiger Lily skippered by owner Chris Caines. I am shooting the Weymouth story of which it will consist of movies based on the seasons and species of fishing out of Weymouth and aboard the Tiger Lily. A series of movies will then end with “The Best Of” style movie.

First movie was Pollock and Plaice and this one is on the Cod and by way of a break from the very hectic hard fishing for the cod some conger fishing with the hook down for a short while took place and some nice fish brought to the boat and released.

I had booked myself out for the day just filming and Chris told me we had a good very experienced crew of guys from a sea angling club in Southampton and this was day three of a five day annual angling holiday. I will have some pictures of their previous days to post soon as they had a great day on the Tuesday plaice fishing.

As you will see from the movie the weather was perfect with low winds and sun all day, like any trip until you get to the wreck you just don’t know what the conditions are going to be like or what fish stocks that the wreck will give up. Fish came up on the very first drift so that was promising and they just kept coming and coming and coming with the fish of the day just under 23lbs taken on a Rhubarb & Custard eddystone 1999 Eddy Jelly eel.

There are more parts to this days fishing to come as the idea for the days filming was to put to the test some of my new lures and did they perform well you will have to wait and see plus we tested those new Red Gill twin tails and the vibro shads. Well like any post it’s worthless without pictures well I go one better and show it live on video !!!

Enjoy the movie and if you want a good angling holiday with the chance of a fish or two or three then contact Chris Caines and try out Weymouth and what it has to offer, their Fish & Chips are pretty dam good too. View full screen 1080p HD it’s awesome.

24lb Cod pirking in the English Channel

Short but sweet one of the boys on the boat out of Weymouth decided to put a basic pirk on at slack water and it produced two quality Cod and a rush for the others who had them to get all pirked up. The chaps mother put a stone on and quickly lost it too “all good excercise” keeps the weight off !!

Great day terrific fishing and the weather behaved superb and the freezer is now stocking up again with quality vac packed Cod ready for our table. Always good to fish with new faces and some of the guys I have been out with before and I tried the new Skippy Fish scented shads with our own littlefishy jigheads and they caught on every drift so a new product tested out too.

Here is the movie, play it at full screen 1080p HD it’s awesome quality.

Wrecking in the English channel

Well have I been a busy boy just no time to update my blog on the regular basis as normal but wait until you see what’s coming as the camera has been rolling and lots of interesting fishing trips and tackle video’s going live.

Take this trip what a magnificent day this was and the crew were just magic with lots of action and good banter, don’t you just love a joker that can take the piss !! well we had all of that and more on the boat that day plus some great fish too.

There were lads from London who had travelled down the night before so they could have a few beers and carry that on during the day, mind you they needed some Dutch Courage to even get on the boat with the bag they had carried their beers in !

I had fished with them last year and we were into the cod me and Andy my son and they didn’t catch anything but that changed on this trip and everyone went home with some quality sized Pollock.

Add in the weather was superb loads of sunshine, light winds and it was still only early in the year in March so this video will show you what we all enjoyed.

Red Gills rule the waves again

Well what can I say on what was virtually a text book days wreck fishing and a big kick in the ass for the last No Score trip. Weather firstly was dreadful and nothing like forecast, we had cold winds in out faces, bumpy large sea swells and mist virtually all day. With the seas being so lumpy it took longer to get to the wreck that Paul on the Katie Ann out of Weymouth had decided would produce a good volume of fish.

His boat has 4 large Ice boxes and it was agreed that once they were filled we would leave the wreck and move to the banks for a hit of Turbot or plaice. Problem with Pollock and many deepwater fish they do not survive once landed so they can’t be returned live. Most skippers and anglers insist that a catch enough rule is applied and then move on or come home and despite I have all my family and some friends who love fresh fish from me there is a cut off point.

So we arrived on the wreck and the first drift was setup, there were fresh live sandeels on the boat and I setup a 10″ plastic sea boom with a 10oz weight and a 5/0 fine wire aberdeen hook on a 10ft trace. There were 9 fishing and with wind against tide the traces would probably have to be shortened to reduce tangles as the boat spun round like a top on some drifts.

1st drift produced a few average pollock all I had were snatches that took the eel off. 2nd drift I hit on a small pollock about 5lb and as most of the larger pollock coming on board were being taken on artificials, I had a better fish of around 7lb on live eels but I changed to 178mm Red Gill original with a 6/0 hook on a short 6ft trace for the third drift.

Bang ! just coming of the back of the wreck I felt two snatches and then the rod my new Akita 20lb class 7ft just bent over as the fish dived for the wreck. I also had a new Spyder LW20 with 44lb braid on and the click stop star drag worked superb giving the fish line when it decided to dive.

I pumped it up from 200ft and new it felt decent and it was, a top end single figure fish was soon on the deck, see the image with the black and orange Red Gill well hooked in the scissors. This is how it continued until we decided we all had enough fish and it was time to move on. Over fishing a wreck depletes stocks that take a long time to grow again so this has to be taken into account.

What was also good about this wrecking session for me anyways I lost NO GEAR !! I used the same articial throught the drifts and apart from one snag which broke the sea boom that was all it cost me, does it get much better than that.

Skipper asked why I strike at the fish well that is what it looked like but in fact what I do when I wreck is hit bottom or the wreck and then immediately pull up to clear the wreck and then start the wind up but it does look like I’m striking into the fish which is obviously a No No !. Using this method reduces my snags on the wreck to a minimum and it works well.

So with the ice boxes full we set off back to fish the shambles bank and see if the Turbot wanted some. I set up a sliding ledger rig with a 6oz clock weight and a single 6/0 wire hook baited with the side of a large Launce. First drift nothing, second drift had a couple of nibbles and I gave it line to see if it developed into a Turbot but as I thought nothing.

On Turbot drifting I always hold the rod as bites can be easily missed if you don’t, the drift finished and I wound back and low and behold a small Plaice on the end. Too skinny to keep it went back to fatten up for my next session which is planned for the 25th March and we will fish the banks all day so looking forward to that one as usual.

Pollock’s and Plaice at Weymouth

Yes more on the Pollock’s topic and what a day I had yesterday down on the Weymouth wrecks and then back to the famous Shambles banks.

I was down to Weymouth to shoot video with the well known and probably one of the most rated UK skippers Chris Caines and the equally well rated Tiger Lily cat. I have known Chris for many years and have fished with him over a quarter of a century ago, now that is dateist isn’t it ! Chris is still as committed now as he has always been and his boat Tiger Lily shows just that committment too.

So here is how the day went, I arrived early to get some dawn breaking shots and be organised ready for the skipper and crew to arrive. The boat is awesome in its stature and it’s setup for the charter boat fisherman. I won’t go into reams of details here as the video when it goes live will do all that and you can see how the day went too plus some archive footage from Chris and images from his gallery’s.

Chris arrived early with his crewman to prepare the boat ready to go fishing and it was immaculate anyways as it’s cleaned after each trip out so as an angler I know how good it is to arrive to a sparkling spanking clean boat ready to go fishing. The crew of five arrived and it was a special occasion for one member as it was his birthday so he had to do well to celebrate it.

After discussions it was decided to split the day into wrecking for Pollock as they’re showing in good numbers and then move to the Shambles banks drifting for Plaice and perhaps a Turbot or two. Weather forecast was just as fantastic and with sun forecast with little to no wind what more could you ask for.

I was rolling on the camera as we got underway and the guy’s were kitting up ready to hit the fish. Tiger Lily is a fast stable boat and the first wreck was approx 90 minutes away so chance to catch my thoughts on how best to capture the day, Chris in action and the crew fishing and hopefully coming up with the goods and true to form Weymouth the Angling Mecca of the south coast didn’t fail to perform.

Using all the onboard electronics Tiger Lily was accurately placed forward of the wreck and lines went over the side in approx 200ft of crystal clear water. Lures were various with shads, eddystones and sidewinders the favourites. First couple of drifts to get the feel of the wreck and then then the fish started to show.

Pollock usually snatch and then hit the lures and as I watched ready to capture the action you could see just how they where feeding and as the anglers were all experienced the landing net was seeing some good fish being brought aboard.

A move to a second wreck produced some slightly larger Pollock and the usual pesky Pouting but it added to the species list so they were accepted. Chris likes to fish within the bounds of good husbandry and not take more fish than the crew are likely to consume so with each angler having fish to take home it was time to steam back to the Shambles bank and see if the Plaice or Turbot want to play on what was now virtually a hot summers day “In February 2012″

With the guy’s rigged ready with plaice kits that looked like a lady would wear round their knecks in multi coloured beads and bangles which can only be described as “Bling Rigs” the first drift got under way and we had a flat calm oily sea. First drift a good eatable size plaice came aboard and this looked promising. More drifts and more Plaice plus a couple of doggies too, well day wouldn’t be the same without a Woofer or two would it.

The final drift produced two good Plaice to the two anglers next to each other and the two fish landed in one net so it was just pure text-book stuff and I have it all on video WOW! I just wish I was fishing alongside these guy’s as it was a day to remember and reflect back on when I upgrade the video’s in time to come.

So the day has passed and time to head back to Weymouth and every one agreed they couldn’t have asked for anything better than what Chris and Tiger Lily plus fishing off Weymouth could have provided, there were some pies on the boat from a local bakers and if we had candles then the birthday boy would have had a really good party day just needed silly hats too ! but most had those on anyways.

What also impressed me was the energy of the reserve Crewman for the day as the usual guy had injured his hand but the stand-in of which at this time I can’t recall his name but will amend this later when I find it again as he was first class. He was supportive in all ways, prepared and gutted the fish, expertly filleting the catch and finally scrubbing the boat from top stem to stern ready for the next angling party to enjoy, oh and made the tea and coffee too.

So as you can see the day was pure pleasure, you will see the video very soon and enjoy what we all did out with Chris Caines on the Tiger Lily Cat.