Weymouth charter boat The Meerkat wrecking and lure testing day

What a great boat, skipper and crew ! a group of lads on their annual weeks fishing trip and I had the chance to jump on board the Meerkat fast BW cat and test out some new lures and my booms with them. So much I could say about this trip and the weather we had plus good fish, watch the movie and enjoy what we enjoyed.

Cod, Pollock and Plaice on board the Tiger Lily Weymouth.

Another very productive trip and I even managed to fish and film supported by skipper Chris Caines. Tested new lures too and enjoyed a good catch of Cod and Pollock with many kilo’s of filleted fish for the freezer.

Play this video and you will see how well the day worked and the great weather out in the English channel. End of day finished off with hitting on some good plaice, I didn’t fish as I wanted to get some good footage of plaice rigs and baits in action which you will see towards the end of the movie.

Cod and Pollock on new lures

Well finally got out in the channel for another wrecking trip and weather behaved nicely infact the forecasters got it it right totally and we finished the day in bright sunshine and plenty of prime Cod and Pollock. I will write more up on this trip shortly when the video footage is ready, short but shows a couple of good Cod coming on the boat and the dedicated skipper gutting and preparing all the fish ready for us hard working anglers to take home.

Here is an image from the video of the best fish of the day a 23lb Cod taken at slack water with the old faithful chrome barrel pirk fitted with trebles.

Wrecking game on and a wow weather forecast

Up at 0300hrs and on the road at 0400 for a days wrecking out of Weymouth and am I looking forward to this one. Mind you combining business with pleasure and calling in to see the guys at Red Gill to pick up some stock and samples of their new Mega Vibes and Twin tails. The new lures due in the country in April 2012 so hopefully I will have tested them out before then and images available soon, I understand the twin tails the Cod go ballistic for.

Another wrecking trip cancelled with high winds

Mid channel wrecking trip planned for Sunday 22nd January 2012 now cancelled took one look at the UK weather this morning and went back to bed ! if you look at the image and the projection for Portland you can see why this time of the year boat fishing is a gamble at the best of times. My thoughts always go to the skippers of the charter boats, as anglers we just get depressed because the weather screwed our day out on the briny, what about the skippers it screws their living up and incomes.

So when I think about them I don’t feel so bad and just get the diary out and find another date and good tide. Take a look at this for a weather forecast.